Beauty in Seoul Philippines ( [Review by a Filipina]

by - January 20, 2017

A break from crafts and comics post, here is my first beauty-related entry. Never did I think that I’ll be writing beauty posts, but when 2017 came, I suddenly had the urge to up my skin care routine. So I was done looking for my makeup holy grails for the past years, and then it came to me that having a good skin is better than having a good makeup.

I looked into the Korean skin care routine. Well, it really is my love for The Face Shop that gravitated me towards this, because most of my makeup holy grails are from them. Lo and behold, I discovered websites where I can buy Korean products, and my craze just started.

This entry is a review on the third website where I purchased my Korean products from, Beauty in Seoul Philippines or It is a relatively new website, I believe. I stumbled upon it on instagram and checked out the brands that they carry. I initially didn’t pay much attention to it because it didn’t carry most of the brands I was looking for, plus I didn’t really trust the look of their website at first sight. Oh, yes. Design is everything! I also tried searching for reviews about them, but didn’t find any, so I was still very skeptical, and just went back to the first two websites I was purchasing from.

But I still kept coming back to the site and checking if there were products that will convince me enough to sign up. Then I saw that they have Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream being sold at a discounted price of Php318. No way! In Althea, it costs Php900. They also have the Innisfree Green Tea Mist, which was easily sold out in Beauty MNL and unfortunately not carried by Althea. Now…this…made me sign up.

Every transaction in the website was smooth, from signing up to ordering and payment. I had some worries that the site may crash down because of how bad the design looks, but I had no problems; it was very reliable. I love it that they offer Paypal as payment because I always pay via Paypal. I don’t wanna go out of my way to line up in the bank to make a deposit.

So here’s a list of the good points:
  1. Smooth transaction
  2. You get P350 credit upon signing up, which you can instantly use on your first purchase.
  3. Discounted products
  4. You earn credits for each product you purchase
  5. You earn an additional P500 credit after your first purchase, which you can use on your succeeding purchases (opening promo only).
  6. I got my order just after one day!!! I totally did not expect that.
  7. Offers both bank deposit and Paypal payment methods
  8. They have a reseller program.
  9. Gives freebies!! From all the three sites I shopped from, this is the only one that I received a freebie from. :D
Freebies yey!

Not so good points:
  1. Poorly designed website (but transactions were all smooth)
  2. Only caters a few brands (no Cosrx, Klairs, sniff)
  3. You won’t receive your items in a cute packaging like Althea’s LOL

I don’t think they have a referral program, so I wouldn’t really benefit anything from writing this entry teehee. But somehow I’d like to share my experience from them to also help other skeptical buyers like me to decide whether they’ll sign up or not, because that was what I experienced. I found no reviews about them and didn’t really know whether I can trust this site or not. So I hope this review will help some of you decide, and finally complete your Korean skincare routine. Toodles! ☺

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  1. Finally! A review about this site. Im also skeptical whether this online store is legit or not. Thank you! ��

  2. Did they deliver the items straight to your door? And how did you use the 350 credit? Thanks for the review.^^

    1. Yes, they did. They used JRS for my package. I was able to use the 350 credit immediately on my first purchase. So if for example I have a total bill of P1000, less 350 credit, final total is P650. Hope this helps. :)

  3. Just read your review today and ordered from the site! Used also my 350 credit--my total is now 727--a steal for an ampoule and a first treatment essence!

  4. hi i stumbled across your blog looking for a review about beauty in seoul since I was curious if it was legit. How was the product? Was it Legit? Thanks! :)

  5. Hi! How much do they charge for shipping?

    1. Hello! They charge P150 for shipping below P1000. :)

  6. Their products were effective esp. the Aprilskin pinky piggy collagen pack,it is the only skin care product that really lighten (more than a weeks use) my melasma :)

  7. Are the products authentic? I stumbled upon pne of their kiosk and bought an eye cream though i dont know whether is authentic or not

  8. Hi! Just wanted to ask how soon they confirm the order after payment? Planning to pay via bank transfer and I don't know if I should still send a screenshot or something.

    1. Hi. I paid via paypal and confirmation was immediate. Not sure though how is it for bank transfer. :)