New Metal Stamping Tool: Leather Sandbag

by - September 03, 2018

It's been a while since I last updated this blog. This will be my first entry after one year, and I want it to be about a new craft tool I acquired that will aid me in my metal stamping.

I recently made new investments for my metal stamping, and first in the list was this leather sandbag I got from I read some customers' reviews on their website and all had excellent experiences on this product. Indeed, using a leather sandbag makes a great difference. It is true that it minimizes the sound you create while stamping, but what's even better is that it makes your stamping life a lot easier.

One of the positive things of using a sandbag is that it holds your steel bench block firmly. Without a sandbag, my bench block usually bounces a bit on the table whenever I would make a strike on my metal stamps, which makes everything else bounce as well, that is, the stamping blank and metal stamp. I injured my fingers a couple of times already.

But the benefit that I love the most from using a sandbag is that I get to make better impressions with my design stamps.

Most of my design stamps are ImpressArt 6mm, and these are quite hard for me to impress properly even though I am just using a 20 gauge aluminum blank. I've been stamping for four years now, but I don't really have strong hands still.

One of my best seller designs is this couple keychain bearing the Adam and Eve stamps, so I use these two design stamps very often, and it is always a challenge for me to to impress the Eve stamp properly. But when I started using the sandbag, oh dear, I couldn't believe it, I was able to stamp the Eve design stamp seamlessly. Thank you I decided to purchase this sandbag.

Before using a sandbag, it was a struggle with the Eve stamp.

Stamping the Eve stamp is now easier.

Plus it's teal! As Lisa N. Kelly said, "They are teal and purple. I mean come on."

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