about me

Hello there, Jeya here, and welcome to my space. Teehee.

I am often mistaken as either Chinese, Korean, or Japanese because of my somewhat slanted eyes, but I never knew I was singkit until a friend told me, and I was already 19 at the time. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that it is Filipino blood running through my veins, and that both of my parents and grandparents and as far as the ancestral line I am aware of, are all Filipino. However, unlike most East Asian girls who have light complexion, I have a skin that is towards the negative end of the spectrum; thus, Haponesang Sunog.

Arts and crafts is what I love to do ever since I was a kid. I enjoy tearing things down and transforming them into something new. The art of sewing is what I primarily love; I used to sew all my projects by hand for years, until I upgraded into using a sewing machine. I also got into metal stamping a few years ago, got quite addicted to it and had turned it into a mini craft business, PressedNotCrushed.

I ultimately love One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. I am fond of Converse Chuck Taylor shoes that I ended up having a number of pairs in different colors. I also giggle whenever I see a Mini Cooper. I am also in love with cheesecake, and my favorite superhero is Batman. Who doesn’t even like Batman?

I have a collection of videos of my very nonconventional hobby, and that is to roll over a field of grass. I call it Gulong Diaries.

Whenever I have the opportunity, I will meow at my onee-chan and give her a kitty scratch. It is a very fun way to kill time. Oh and perhaps, can I bite you?🙂 :)

I am in love with the LORD and very happy and grateful to be God’s little girl. Masaya akong Ikaw ang laman ng puso ko. I love You, LORD!